Thursday, March 25, 2010

Growing Bunny Prints Easter Craft

Every year the kids an I will make our Growing Bunny Foot Prints. (By this I’m not meaning the one the bunny makes before leaving the yard after hiding the eggs.) This is a craft you can do and save year after year to look back at how big their feet have gotten over time. It’s always a fond memory for mom and something to do and have fun with the children. I have a variety of mini easter bunnies that I continue to hang up on my dining room wall to look at every Easter, it's just a little reminder of how those feet were once so tiny.  I’m not entirely sure your 15 year old will continue the tradition but assuming he knows how much you love doing it, one can only hope.

What You Need:

- Construction paper
- pencil
- cotton balls
- pipe cleaner
- glue
- beady eyes


Make sure to wash your feet for this craft. Once it is completely washed and dried you can begin. Place the foot on top of the construction paper and trace it. Next, cut the tracing out and design your bunny. We normally use the heel to make the bunny’s head.

The head and tail: You’ll need to glue on one or two beady eyes and cut a bit of pipe cleaner for the whiskers. My kids will either color in a nose or use a tiny colored pompom. They draw in the face with a black marker and then stick a handful of stretched out (or regular) cotton balls for his tail.

The ears: Cut out two ears in whatever shape you want and glue them to the back of your bunny print. Wait for it to dry and hang him up. Don’t forget to let the kids color their bunny in or decorate it with stickers, glitter, etc. (in the picture our bunny isn't complete but does give you an idea)

(I originally wrote this for last year.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Leprechaun Boxes

This year some Irish priests moved St.Patrick's Day up to March 15th so it wouldn't mix with Holy Monday, however next year it'll be back on the 17th. This only means I had to make the kids get on the ball for their Leprechaun Boxes.

What are leprechaun boxes? Basically these are their treasure boxes that they create and leave outside the night before St.Patrick's Day.

Why? Legend has it that St.Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland and placed a big black snake in a box and tossed it into the sea. Leprechauns, being little and all, were very thankful and any time they see an empty box they place a goodie in it as a thank you. But being greedy they give that box 24 hours to be found and claimed or they come back to take their loot.

My kids pick a small box (normally from Michaels) that they get to paint (normally green) and decorate with glitter, stickers, shamrocks, etc. They leave it outside for the leprechaun to find and quickly run out on St. Patrick's Day morning to find it. Yes, the leprechaun hides them. Once they are found they quickly open them to see what they got and run back in.

That's our version of a "Leprechaun box." Will you be making one? It is a fun tradition.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Race Goes On...

Last night we were eating at AppleBee's when we heard the celebrations on the news. It appears that Sen.McCain won South Carolina. So for all those that haven't been able to catch the race here is a run down, oh and this one was just for the Republican party, the Democrats will be there next week.

John McCain 33%
Mike Huckabee 19%
Rudy Giuliani 13%
Romney 11%

McCain may have came in tops here but by the sounds of Huckabee's speech, it isn't over yet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Politics So far...

You haven't been paying attention to who is winning or not. That's okay with a quick glance you can get all caught up. It's a strange race I must say but I don't think we'll really know until the end of the summer as things really start to heat up.

As of right now it has been really big between Clinton and Obama, I think because they are making history. As for me, I'm still undecided on whom I want to win...I'm more of a republican though so I'll probably lean more that way.

Republican Side

Democrat Side

Who do you want to win and why?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Day Dinner Ideas

You lost about what to make for your new years day dinner? That's okay I've taken the opportunity to search some ideas for ya. Here they are (oh and we are having this first one)

Cornbeef and cabbage (not sure if money will be in mine though)

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

You thinking of making up a New Year's Resolution? Here are the top 10, this year I've decided to just change my attitude on a few things and not make any resolutions as they always fall apart.

1 help others
2 spend time with family
3 get organized
4 lose weight
5 quit drinking
6 quit smoking
7 get out of debt
8 learn something new
9 do something fun
10 stop procrastinating

Do you have any of these on your list? Let me know how it pans out.